I was hired by a Yoga Instructor @ Mind You Yoga to develop a website for her classes. A clean web interface with an inviting tone. A place to share information with high accessibility for an older generation.

Created using HostingIreland’s website builder, I first had to familiarized myself with it’s toolset before getting to work. Last time I used HostingIreland was back in 2013. I’m happy to say the interface has much evolved since then, though certain elements seem dated and clunkey.


Most important part of web design in this generation is to make sure it *works* on all devices – Mobile, Desktop & Tablet.

Thankfully, most website builders have been updated to ease the transition. Nothing program-heavy, though you still have to adjust for design complications. Having a sexy design on desktop means nothing if the design is broken on the user’s preferred device.


As technology & information rises and becomes more available, our attention span lowers. As a result, attention to websites go out the window when something is not immediately transparent. If a user is coming to your site, they are most likely seeking information. If there’s a flaw in the delivery/execution, the user will happily move on to another site.

Keeping this in mind, I worked long-distance with my employer, researching other Yoga studios and we structured the site to be accessible & calming. Focusing less on what the company does, rather – what they can do for you.

I’m happy with the website and I wish Mind You Yoga, all the success in the future. (^_^)/

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